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Ostrich Dinner for Cats

Ostrich Dinner for Cats

R 22.00

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Ostrich meat is naturally high in iron, which plays a vital role in the cells’ energy metabolism, as well as transporting oxygen in the bloodstream. Give your cats a boost of vitality with this nutrient-rich and delicious meal – they will lick up every last drop!

Registration No: V26510 Act 36/1947

Chicken, Ostrich, Egg Yolk, Yoghurt, Deep Sea Kelp & Supplements including Taurine

Guaranteed Analysis (%)

Crude Protein

12.5 (min)


75 (max)

Crude Fat

4.5 (min)

Crude Fibre

0.5  (max)


7 (max)


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amanda Van Wyk
Ostrich Dinner

What a surprise to see my two bengals enjoying the ostrich. At first I tried a different brand and they would not touch it. They definately prefer Cat of the Day's Ostrich Dinner!

Yay! That's great news that you found a brand your kitty's enjoy :D.

Jill de Villiers
ostrich dinner

your service was excellent. food was well packaged and convenient. half the cats love it, still convincing the rest!

Ah yes, those stubborn cats... don't fear Jill... there are many strategies to use to win them over and we are always here to help.

Dorothy Potgieter
Cats dinners

Thanks. So happy with delivery and packaging. Love each personal note a lot!

Thank you so much Dorothy... and thank you for your continued support.

Darette Voges

Ostrich Dinner for Cats

Thanks so much for the stars! Glad the kitties approve :)