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Beef Dinner

Beef Dinner

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Protein is where dogs get their energy from, and beef is both high in protein and rich in vital B vitamins, high-quality amino acids, and iron. Our top-quality beef dinner is like treating your pooch to the best steak in town, with a side of delicious, nutritious greens, fruit, and veg, and a sprinkling of natural supplements. Delicious!

Registration No: V26512 Act 36/1947

Chicken, Beef, Vegetables, Fruit, Yoghurt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Herbs and Kelp




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Customer Reviews

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Marsha Davids
Beef dinner

This has become their new favorite

Petrus Theron
Good Food, but Packaging Leaks

Hi NBP. "Give a Dog a Bone" plastic packaging leaks when thawing for every type of food I ordered, so I end up having to repackage or thaw in a container every time. I imagine this is because of the squared form factor and the sharp corners of the frozen food cutting the bag during handling/transport. Doggobone does not have this problem because of thicker plastic and a round form factor and theirs probably costs the same because it's not resealable, but Doggobone gave my dog diarrhoea so I switched back.

I suspect you could find non-resealable (just twist and clamp the top) cylindrical plastic packaging that costs the same as the current baggies that leak. So basically a sausage-like packaging because frozen sausage or wors does not cut its own enclosure when frozen.

On another note, the bulk of your customers are probably repeat customers who need to order dog food on a monthly or weekly basis for their growing pets, right? Well, I build chat commerce software specifically aimed at your type of business so that customers can place their orders via Telegram or WhatsApp. It's called Bridge: Chat for Business and makes it really easy for customers to re-order or do concierge shopping for that personal touch. You can read more at

Best regards
Petrus Theron
Founder, Bridge: Chat Commerce

Thanks Petrus for your review, we appreciate the feedback. All the raw food manufacturers have a tricky balance to pull off when it comes to packaging - finding the combination of freezer-safe, recyclable / reusable, and of course affordable to the customer. Nature Intended feels strongly about having recyclable packaging, which is why they have settled on the zip locks they use. We do always recommend thawing in a container so that the moisture content isn't lost - Doggobone suggest the same thing on their packaging, as the blood content in the meal is a vital part of the nutritional makeup.

We do apologise for the inconvenience and hope that the Tupperware option can make it more manageable for you. We agree that the quality of the food makes it worthwhile! If the leaking is causing too much of a problem for you, perhaps check out our Raw Love meals?

Please feel free to email us if we can assist further. Thanks again for the feedback.

Cornelis Nelson