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Ostrich necks for dogs and cat raw food


Ostrich Neck Pieces 1kg

Ostrich Neck Pieces 1kg

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Ostrich necks have a great mix of muscle, bone and cartilage which make them an ideal snack or an addition to a meal.

Customer Reviews

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Anya Joubert
Ostrich neck pieces

I think it was great but my picky doggies did not like it at all. I do found it difficult to get them to eat new stuff and minced they just do not eat unless it is from Joeys. The ostrich neck was lovely pieces with perfect portions with no weird smells.

Susan Newton-King

My dog loves these and demands at least 1 every day.

Jone Geldenhuys
Perfect for a daily dose of bones

Our dog love these meaty bones. They eat the whole thing, making meal-time super exciting and I rest assured that they get in their daily dose of bones. I also love that these are off cuts that would ordinarily go to waste.


Not as chunky as in display. A Lot of the the pieces are cut way too thin and some look like corners of bones. It's ok but I wouldn't order these again

Hi Reena, thanks so much for your feedback. We always want to know how our customers genuinely feel about our products. We're so sorry to hear you weren't 100% satisfied. If you're looking for something meatier you could try our Rabbit Chunks, or otherwise chicken necks are much more regular in size and shape - ostrich necks are a little more unpredictable unfortunately :) Please let us know if there is anything more we can do to help.