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Why Feed Raw? A Few of Our Favourite Reasons

Posted by ANI Natural Born Pets Admin on

We know it can be a bit intimidating wading in to the world of raw feeding for the first time… You may have heard lots of negative things about how difficult and potentially dangerous it is to feed raw… but we are here to assure you that feeding raw is not only safe but also the best decision you could possibly make for your pets.  Natural Born Pets is here to make it as easy as possible.

Raw feeding is about feeding your dog and cat what they would naturally eat -  nothing processed, no preservatives or fillers… All real, natural ingredients for naturally born pets.

More often than not people come to raw feeding for the first time because they have a sick or allergic pet and they have exhausted all other avenues of treatment… Raw feeding has been found to reduce allergy symptoms and itching skin as well as help with kidney problems and arthritis. But even if your pet is young and healthy, there are so many benefits that will make an already healthy animal even better.

Pet owners who change over to feeding a raw diet find that their pets have more energy than they did before… animals who they believed were lazy by nature are suddenly running and playing. Weight control is much better as food is being more effectively digested, coats become shinier with less odour. Dogs and cats who eat raw are found to have fewer vet visits and have longer lifespans.

And, of course, one of the most popular reasons... smaller less stinky stools from both cats and dogs. But the best benefit is the peace of mind that you are giving your pets the best quality food which will, in turn, give them the best quality of life. And you can also have the peace of mind that we have chosen only the best quality raw brands to stock in our store… every product is registered with the department of agriculture which means it is has been thoroughly tested and found to be safe and healthy.

We wouldn’t sell you any product that we would not feed to our own pets. If you have any more questions about feeding raw, have a look at our FAQ page or feel free to email us… we are always available to help you find the best food for your furry loved ones