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About us

A full life for our four-legged foodies


Your pets are not just pets - they are family members.  So are ours.  That’s why we know you want to give them the fullest, happiest, heartiest lives.  The ones they were born to.  The ones they deserve.  And it is our mission to make that effortless for you.  
There are so many stores and brands offering different solutions to natural wellness for your pets. It can become overwhelming, especially if you have more than one pet with different needs, or even different budgets for different pets!  We wanted to put everything in one place, so that the tailor-made solution that is perfect for your family could be as nuanced as it needs to be, while still being super easy and convenient for you.  


Our ethos


Dogs and cats are natural creatures.  They should eat real, fresh, wholesome food, and have their lives enriched by things that are as close as possible to nature.  The concept of “natural living” can sound elusive or even intimidating, but we are here to make it simple and accessible to you.  

It is paramount to us that you can trust our recommendations.  If a product is available in our store then it is of a very high quality, and comes from a reputable source.  We only sell foods that are made from natural ingredients, by brands that are registered with the Department of Agriculture (whose standards for raw pet foods are notoriously high).  If we wouldn’t feed it to our own pets, we wouldn’t sell it to yours.  And the same goes for our non-food products!  

We are also passionate about supporting locals.  All our foods and treats, and most of our other goodies, are proudly manufactured in South Africa.  We’ve only made a few exceptions, and only for truly unique items that we couldn’t find a local manufacturer for.  


The humans behind Natural Born Pets


Jess is a 2nd-generation raw feeder.  She comes from a family who has been feeding their pets homemade, raw, natural food since long before it was the popular lifestyle choice that it is today.  Growing up, the topic of biologically-appropriate nutrition for pets was a regular go-to for dinnertime conversation. So there was no doubt in her mind that she would continue the tradition, and start off right with her own first puppy.

Beren discovered natural feeding when his pug won some premium raw dog food at the Muizenberg Pug Races, and he has never looked back.  Eating raw brought out a new zest for life in his pets, and that was all the convincing he needed.

Now Jess and Beren are puppy parents together, and they have a dream - to bring natural living to your natural born pets in a simple, streamlined, and hassle-free way.  So you can spend your time loving life with your furchildren, rather than stressing about their wellbeing.


We are here for your fur-family


Jess, Beren, and the incredible Natural Born Pets team (who are made up exclusively of animal-lovers and their four-legged foodie experts) are on hand to help.  Please reach out if our info pages and FAQs aren’t answering your questions, especially if your pets have an illness or need a little special attention.  If we don’t know the answers, we have an amazing team of holistic and traditional vets, animal nutritionists, and even animal behaviourists to advise us. Don’t sit with 20 tabs open on your browser, drowning in options and questions and conflicting information.  You only need one tab, and it’s already open.