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Simply fill up your cart and then click 'check out.' Make sure you put in all your delivery details and then pay with either card or EFT and then your order will be on its way to you!

Why should I have an account with you?

This way our site can remember all your details which will make ordering much easier in the future. We can also keep you up to date with specials and competitions!

What if I want to return something?

We cannot accept returns on raw food products but other goods can be exchanged. Check out our returns policy for more info.

How do I get my photos on your site?

You can email them to us at shop@naturalbornpets.co.za or post on IG and use #naturalbornpets

Feeding Raw

My pet is very old or very young! Is it okay to feed raw to my puppy, kitten, or geriatric?

Absolutely... animals of any age can start eating raw.

Why should I switch my dogs and cats to a raw diet?

A raw diet mimics what a dog or cat would be eating in nature and is, therefore, much better for them than any other diet. Many ailments such as skin conditions and gut issues can be fixed just by making the switch... and did we happen to mention smaller, less smelly poos?

Is it going to be a lot of hassle for me to feed my pets a raw diet?

It takes a bit of getting used to. You need to figure out how much they should be eating per day and then you need to get in the habit of defrosting food overnight... but once you get in the swing of things it's pretty easy going.

Will my pet get sick from eating raw meat?

As long as you make sure you are feeding them good quality meals that have been registered with the department of agriculture (like every meal we sell on this site) you're pet will be fine.

I’ve heard that it’s not safe to give bones to dogs? (and I never even thought of giving them to cats!)

It's not safe to give dogs cooked bones (as they can splinter and cause harm) but uncooked bones are a great addition to their diets and also help keep teeth clean.

Will my dog become more aggressive once she/he has tasted blood?

Absolutely not... this is just an urban legend.

I’m new to raw feeding – how do I choose a brand?

Every brand on our site is high quality, so you can rest assured that whichever you pick you will be making a good choice. Some brands cater to pets with special needs, whilst others might be slightly more affordable... some brands also might have an animal protein that your pet particularly likes.

How much should I feed my dog or cat?

Check out our feeding guide for more info.

Why can’t I cook the food?

Your pets will benefit far more from eating the food raw as cooking the food will remove the nutrients your animal needs.

Why do you recommend I also give Omega 3 capsules if your meals are supposed to have everything my pet needs?

Raw foods do contain Omega-3 but the freezing process can effect the levels... this is why we always recommend supplementing with salmon oil capsules (which are also available in our store) 

I don’t want premade dinners, I prefer to feed my pet DIY / Prey Model / Frankenprey. How do I work out what they need to get each day?

DIY is very challenging but rewarding if you are up for it. Make sure you do your research properly to know what the exact ratios are.

What’s the difference between raw dog food and raw cat food? Can the dog eat the cat food and my cat eat the dog food?

Cat's are obligatory carnivores which means they need an exclusively meat diet to survive, whereas dogs need a bit more fruit and veg in the mix. So we recommend you stick with the specie appropriate meals to make sure your pets' needs are being met. 

Can I thaw the food in the microwave?

We wouldn't recommend this as you might accidentally cook the food. It's always best to defrost overnight but we all forget from time to time... In this case rather defrost in some warm water.

How long does the food last once it is defrosted?

Feed within two days and keep in the fridge.

I’ve read about risks of feeding raw – parasites, bacteria, etc.

All the raw food brands we stock in our store keep to very strict health codes and are inspected regularly. 

Why is my vet anti-raw?

Many vets are anti raw because they can't be sure that you are getting your raw food from a reliable source or that you are balancing the meals correctly. Buying a registered brand such as the ones we sell guarantees that you are getting quality balanced meals.

Can you recommend any pro-raw vets?

Absolutely. Send us an email and we would be more than happy to put you in touch with a pro-raw Vet. 

Who do you recommend I read for reliable information about raw feeding?

 send us an email for more information.