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Lick-a-Lot Bone Broth Ice Lollies

Lick-a-Lot Bone Broth Ice Lollies

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Lick-A-Lots are the perfect Summer treat for any pooch. Healthy, fun and delicious. Each pack comes with six ice cubes.


Available in three flavours: 'Turkey & Betroot', 'Beef & Alfalfa' and 'Chicken & Turmeric'

Customer Reviews

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Bridget E
Great idea, poorly executed

Love the idea of these, however, they arrived in such a state due to poor packaging for transportation, also the packaging was not ideal for the dogs to eat from either, I ended up with a huge mess both upon receipt and when trying to find an alternative way to deliver to my dogs. The cupcake paper holders were a nightmare to get off the product I really did not want my dogs to ingest it. Unfortunately when the product was delivered I did not have my phone, i would have loved to have taken photos of the mess that arrived.

Pascale doffay
My cat loves them!

I have the fussiest cat around and he took to the chicken and turmeric cubes immediately!
One cube is a perfect sized portion for him: I let it defrost slowly and sometimes mix in a little boiled water to help it along and then mash up the chunky bits. One of these cups is a week's supply (of 1 per day). I just wish they came in a 30 cube/month supply option in a ziploc bag instead of plastic tubs. When I get home, I take them out of the tubs, separate the cubes if a few are are stuck together, and then place into a giant ziploc bag and into the freezer (takes up way less space this way)

Great idea

My dog wasn't sure what to do with this to begin with but now she is SO into them. Every time I go to the freezer now comes running. Too cute!

Love these, got all the flavours

I just LOVE this product for my babies. It is great for the heat of summer and it definitely cools them down.