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Ox Heart (chunks or minced)

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Ox Heart (chunks or minced)

Ox Heart (chunks or minced)

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Heart meat makes for great muscle content in your pet's diet but they sure are difficult to cut up...  This pure ox heart mince is available pre minced for our convenience or in chunks (chunks only available in 1kg), making prey model feeding even easier.

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Caroline Castelain

Normally, my cats love hearts, beef heart, venison heart, chicken hearts etc as it is a great muscle meat. I did not realize I was receiving minced heart full of odd looking bits and lots of fat? I would like the option to order chunks of heart please and By all means please please please change the packaging of your meats, when thawing the plastic is so thin they leak, what a mess!
I do appreciate the efforts to provide species appropriate raw food so don’t give up but improve the options for CHUNKS of meat instead of all minced which has a higher contamination risk, and please improve packaging even if it costs more to the consumer. Thank you

Hello Caroline.

Thank you very much for you feedback. We did send you an email with a few more detailed suggestions of options for Gene and Roy.

I’m very sorry to hear that you were disappointed by the product you received, whilst it is clearly titled as “Minced Ox Heart” I can understand that you may have been mislead by the picture… Perhaps we should update this pic so others don't get confused.

We do actually have quite a few products in our shop that come whole form, perhaps try out some of these:

Chicken necks:

Rabbit chunks:

Chicken Hearts:

Chicken Gizzards:


Chicken Livers:

Another Great option we have for cats is the Chunky Chicken dinner… which is the As Nature Intended Cat chicken dinner recipe but with whole hearts and necks:

In terms of packaging, I know all of our manufacturers recommend defrosting in a Tupperware in order to preserve blood (which is an important part of the meal) as well as to cut down on the mess. We will definitely try figure out a way to highlight this information more strongly for first time customers, so thank you for bringing that to our attention. It is always a struggle for all the raw food manufacturers to find packaging that is freezer safe, recyclable and affordable to the customer.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Please let us know if you have any further questions or need any more help from our side. We are sure we can find something that the kitties will love!