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Pilchards 1kg

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Pilchards 1kg

Pilchards 1kg

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Pilchards are a great source of omega 3 and protein... Great for both dogs and cats as part of a meal or a special treat.

Customer Reviews

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Natasha Kallis

My dog loved it. Only minor problem I encountered was having to defrost the whole kilo, and store in the fridge. My dog only ate a few each day so after a few days I wasn’t sure they were fresh enough to feed him. Two 500g bags would be better.

So glad to hear your dog enjoyed the Pilchards! We usually take the whole frozen lot and drop them on the ground to separate them - a bit loud and dramatic, but very effective! Hope that helps.Thanks for the feedback.

Lauren Marrington
Firm favourite!!

All 4 dogs love the pilchards, even Jack the fussiest one of them all who hasn't transitioned over to a full raw diet yet because he doesn't really like it. But put some pilchards in with his pellets and he gobbles them up before you've had a chance to blink!

Hopefully Jack will switch to full time raw soon. Every dog is different and some dogs like some proteins or brands over others (each brand has its own unique recipe), but we are glad to hear he enjoys the Pilchards :D

Chantal Muller
My gsd loves frozen pilchars

My gsd just loves having pilchards as a snack. It's also a welcome treat in these hot summer months. I started cutting it in half and feeding it to my Yorkie. She loves it! So nice to be able to feed them healthy wholesome treats.

We most certainly agree, Chantal. Pilchards are such a tasty snack and also incredibly healthy. And now we also have a dried pilchard treat as well, so you can take that fishy goodness along on walks too.

Greg Murray

Pilchards 1kg